About Us

Lightbug Ltd is a family started business headquartered in the UK that has been developing GPS tracking products for over 15 years. Initially our products were focused on industrial and security markets, developing and manufacturing products used by law enforcement both in the UK and across Europe.

In 2017, we released our first consumer device and the first solar powered GPS tracker, aimed at helping individuals care for loved ones, be it children, elderly relatives prone to wandering or even pets.

Since its release, Lightbug has generated a huge amount of interest due to its battery life measured in months, or even years when exposed to sunlight for a few hours a day. All of this interest has translated into a greatly expanded product range (20 and counting) deployed in over 60 countries in a wide range of sectors

Our core competencies include:

  • Designing and manufacturing small, robust, devices which are easy to deploy, configure and manage
  • Creating incredibly power efficient systems with battery life measured in years
  • GSM (2G), NBIoT & LTE-M (4G) and UWB connectivity
  • Positioning, be it with satellite (GPS, GLONASS, …), trilateration of signal strengths or simply proximity
  • Indoor positioning systems with accuracy down to 1m
  • Remote Sensing of pretty much anything!
  • Creating and maintaining scalable and easy to use software platforms
  • Security & Reliability: the data we collect is not only important but sensitive. Encryption and Up-time are at the core of everything we do.

Lightbug Ltd
Knapps Lane
Bristol, BS5 7UN
United Kingdom
+44 117 471 3719


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