More features than you can shake a stick at

Tracking indoors and outdoors? Tick. Sensor monitoring? Tick. Bluetooth Gateway function? Tick. Easy to use portal and app with reports? Tick. Alerts when you need them, long battery life when you don’t? Tick.

At Lightbug we innovate obsessively and update our products constantly. If someone requests a feature and orders enough devices, we add it for free and then make it available to everyone. As our ecosystem grows, so does the value you get out of it, thanks to continuous over-the-air updates,

If the list below looks a little overwhelming, try searching for relevant features on our use case pages

3-Year Limited Warranty

Quality hardware you can rely on

We fix or recycle devices whenever possible


Range Finding & Ring Functionality

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity allows for smart power saving when your phone is nearby and helps find devices out of sight.

Bluetooth Gateway

Wireless data collection made simple

Automatically collect data from any BLE sensor and plot them alongside tracking information

Easy to Use App

Tracking app for your Lightbug device

Discover the Lightbug App with helpful tracking and monitoring features

End-to-End Security

Encryption for all data in transit

ECDH2048, AES-128, TLSv1.2... we take privacy and security seriously

Environmental Monitoring

Manage environmentally sensitive assets

Use our Enviro Tracker or wireless external sensors to monitor environmental conditions

Fall & Shock Detection

Simple alerts when something goes wrong

Helpful when monitoring the wellbeing of people, packages and assets

Fast Charging

QuickCharge compatible

5-12V power input, up to 5A

Fleet Management System

Intuitive platform for advanced fleet management

Optimize your fleet with an effective management system

GPS Safe Zone

A virtual border for alerting and reporting

A virtual area for entry & exit alerts, auditing and more

Indoor Location using Bluetooth

Enhanced Positioning Indoors using BLE Beacons

Lightbug trackers come with built-in Bluetooth which allows for location tracking indoors using BLE Beacons (Beacons required!)

Indoor Location using WiFi

Enhanced Positioning Indoors using WPS

WPS (WiFi Positioning System) allows for location tracking indoors

Location History

View the GPS tracker's location history from the Lightbug App and Web Portal

Unlimited history of where your tracker has been, shown on a map or in reports

Long Battery Life

Devices you rarely need to charge

All our devices come with state-of-the-art low power technology

Multi GNSS Positioning

0.5m accuracy outdoors typical accuracy

Using GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo satellite constellations for superior accuracy

Multi Purpose Button

Trigger SOS, show device status and more

Configurable behaviour with easy API access


(Deprecated) Short range device identification

Integrate into existing processes easily

Offline Data Storage

Prevents data loss when there is no network

Store up to 1000 points whilst the device is offline with auto upload

Over the Air Updates

Manage devices remotely

Change configuration and update firmware from anywhere

Power Budgeting

Guaranteed battery life

Prevent unexpected battery drains caused by poor signal

Simple API Integration

Easy to use custom API integration

GPS tracking and IoT solution with easy API integration to allow 3rd party connections

Simple device administration

Easy to use bulk activation and configuration

Provisioning and updating system that just gets out of your way

Wi-Fi Safe-zone

A virtual fence for your home or depot

Power saving solution for when your device is at home

Worldwide Coverage

GPS trackers with international coverage and no roaming charges

Our devices work globablly and have no distance limitations