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Bluetooth Gateway

Wireless data collection made simple

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Automatically collect data from any BLE sensor and plot them alongside tracking information
  • External Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor
  • External Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor data
  • Linked device manager
  • Beacon gateway with proximity BLE

Powerful and Versatile

All of our devices come with the ability to record and transmit data from bluetooth sensors. These include but are not limited to:

  • basic proximity beacons
  • temperature and humidity sensors
  • window or door sensors
  • light sensor
  • ultrasonic distance measuring
  • driver key cards
  • accelerometers and inclinometers
  • bespoke devices

Freedom to move

Our devices work best with a clear line of sight to the sky. Having wireless bluetooth sensors mean you can put an environmental sensor inside a fully metallic refrigerated unit without affecting performance or battery life.

Take it one step further with automatic device associations: a cargo eBike fitted with a Lightbug Tracker can automatically detect who is riding the bike, what trailer is attached, if the door is open and what the temperature inside the refrigerated compartment is.

Intelligent Power saving

Trigger certain behaviors when in range of BLE devices

Ease of data access

View all sensor data on our portal and apps through beautiful graphs, or easily download the data with our API