Software Feature

Simple device administration

Easy to use bulk activation and configuration

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Provisioning and updating system that just gets out of your way
  • Manage your fleet easily with activations and configuration online
  • Advanced device debugging and troubleshooting information

All in one

See the status of all your devices on a single page with a clean and simple control panel.

Fast and responsive, the Lightbug admin portal will work with thousands of devices on mobile, tablet and PC.

Advanced troubleshooting

All the data you could ever ask for, right at your fingertips. Quickly resolve any user issues with our guided troubleshooting tools.

Complete flexibility

Devices can be activated and deactivated at will, with no minimum term or reactivation fees, dramatically simplifying your operations and helping minimise costs

Users & Permissions

Manage users and permissions easily, assign devices to users and prevent undesired changes to settings