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Indoor Location using WiFi

Enhanced Positioning Indoors using WPS

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WPS (WiFi Positioning System) allows for location tracking indoors

Always get an update, even indoors

As GPS signals are poor when there is no clear line of sight to the sky, many other GPS tracking devices do not work well indoors. However, Lightbug GPS trackers support WPS which is used when GPS fails to provide location information, even when the device is inside.

So, how does WPS work?

Our devices scan for all WiFi networks (access points) nearby and measure the received signal strength. It then uses this information to triangulate the position. It does not actually connect to the WiFi networks.

But, how accurate is it?

Generally WPS is a little less accurate than GPS, but it still provides a generous 10m - 40m accuracy.

WPS works especially well in urban areas where there are many WiFi networks. This means that WPS will not be as effective in remote areas where there are not many nearby WiFi networks.