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Long Battery Life

Devices you rarely need to charge

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All our devices come with state-of-the-art low power technology
  • Low average power: Distribution of power usage values
  • Easy monitoring of power usage for each update

Awesome battery life

Lightbug devices achieve exceptional battery life for a few reasons:

  • they have much more battery capacity (compared to other devices of the same size)
  • they are built with the very latest low power electronics
  • the device firmware (software) has been in development for 8 years, incorporating all of that learning to minimise power consumption

Rigorous QA Testng

All of our devices are tested at multiple points during manufacturing to identify power anomalies and other defects.

This reliability gives us certainty when calculating battery life. Read more about how we measure and calculate battery life here

Built in fail-safes

Experience teaches us that no plan is foolproof. Our devices have a setting which limits power usage per update: we can guarantee a certain battery life when this setting is turned on because it stops temporarily poor signals disproportionately draining the battery