Device Feature

Multi Purpose Button

Trigger SOS, show device status and more

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Configurable behaviour with easy API access

3 default modes

By default, the multi-purpose button on lightbug devices will:

  • Show current status (battery + signal) on short press (< 1s)
  • Trigger an SOS / Button press alert on medium press (1-3s)
  • Reboot the device on long press for easy troubleshooting (10s+)

This can be changed though, one of the most common alternatives is:

  • ARM or DISARM (activate / deactivate tracking) on medium press (3s)
  • Trigger an SOS / Button press alert on medium-long press (5-10s)

CTA or SOS, easy to use API

Button information gets transmitted along with other sensor data and alerts (such as fall detection). This data is easily accessible via the API to enable intelligent integrations