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No Subscription

GPS Trackers with no monthly fees

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Pay as little as £30 (€36 or $41) for 5 years. Data, software and support all included.

Break free of subscriptions

We charge for what you use. It’s effectively a Pay-As-You-Go option where your credit expires after 5 years (rather than every month like normal mobile phone sims).

If you don’t prepay - then we’ll automatically bill at the end of each month based on usage. Like a monthly contract on a phone except there’s no fixed charge.

Low total cost of ownership GPS

Our GPS and IoT devices last a long time because we design them that way.

With our “per update pricing” and you can track something for 5 years with an average cost of £2.17 per month and that’s including the hardware cost!

The more you use, the cheaper it gets

See more about how Lightbug calculates data fees here