Brighter than your car headlight. More secure than your relationship.

4000 lumen light meets revolutionary bike security system

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See & be Seen

The 4000 lumen front light will illuminate any track, road or path.

Full RGB control of centre LEDs (120 lumen) for cool effects and use as a rear light!

Choose beam angles and brightness with auto-dipped beam when detecting oncoming traffic

Auto-Brightness adjustment based on sunrise and sunset times where you are


Never left in the dark

Endless cycling adventures with exceptional battery life using high efficiency automotive LEDs
  • 2 years of standby (anti-theft tracking mode)
  • 48h in Power-save mode (continuous 60 lumen)
  • 24h in Normal mode (continuous 120 lumen)
  • 2h in Bright mode (continuous 1500 lumen)
  • 45min in Ludicrous mode (4000 lumen)

GPS, done right

5 years of global anti-theft tracking at no charge. Indoor and Outdoor positioning using Lightbug's market leading tracking technology

Optional subscription for unlimited Strava uploads and real time tracking.


No Compromises

Aluminium, Steel, Copper, Polycarbonate... Only the best materials for the job, designed & assembled in the UK
  • Lightbug standard 3 year warranty
  • In-house UK Support Team
  • Full featured front & rear light
  • Full featured alarm system with 100dB alarm
  • Full featured tracking device with Strava integration
Made in Bristol

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Note that purchases here are non-refundable but can be redeemed for Lightbug store credit for any reason, including in the unlikely event that the campaign fails to reach its goal.

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