Equipment & Asset GPS Tracker GPS Tracker
Equipment & Asset GPS Tracker GPS Tracker

Equipment & Asset GPS Tracker

Manage site equipment and plant machinery

Fully protect your construction and plant machinery with Lightbug GPS trackers

  • battery_charging_full Up to 5 years battery
  • water_drop Fully Waterproof
  • water_drop Rugged design
  • public Works Anywhere
Tablet showing control panel for many devices
Control panel showing all devices searchable Control panel showing all devices searching step 1 Control panel showing all devices searching step 2 Control Panel showing trail of locations Control panel showing available reports Route Report example Set up alerts example Setting up Working hours Sensor view with graphs Geofence setup example step 1 Geofence setup example step 2 Geofence setup example step 3 Geofence setup example step 4 Geofence setup example step 5 Geofence setup example step 6 Geofence setup example step 7 Geofence setup example step 8

Construction Machinery and Asset GPS Tracking

Secure your equipment and machinery. See where all your equipment is located on a single map, in your browser or on a phone. You can easily locate any lost or stolen assets, increasing the update rate and accuracy remotely as needed.

Customisable alerts for Equipment tracking

Get live alerts and notification delivered to your smartphone, email address or via HTTP(s) push.

As soon as your assets leave the area they “should” be in, you’ll get an email alert letting you know something isn’t right. Allow your team to pair with devices (Bluetooth) and place a beacon in your depot to disable motion alerts when they are not needed.

GPS Tool Tracking

Easy to mount and manage. Install our discreet devices quickly with screws, rivets or adhesive on all powered and non-powered equipment.

Simply tap a device with your phone (NFC) to access settings and name it.

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