GPS Trackers for Integration into Software GPS Tracker
GPS Trackers for Integration into Software GPS Tracker

GPS Trackers for Integration into Software

Jump start your project with devices that just work

Use as much or as little of the Lightbug stack as you need

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  • battery_charging_full Up to 15 years battery
  • public Battle tested Lightbug core
  • api Modern APIs
  • wifi_tethering Bluetooth & Wi-Fi integrations
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Tracking made easy

Hardware is hard. Building a proof of concept with an Arduino or Pi is about 5% of the effort that goes into deploying a hardware solution that is certified globally (not to mention that works!). Our core proposition is that you can save money and time by using our devices in your software.

We do all the heavy lifting in terms of connectivity, backends, security, support & physical deployment of devices so that you can focus on the problem you were trying to solve in the first place.

Reliability as a Value

Our company is built around reliability because we know that even the slickest, smartest software falls over if the data it is using cannot be trusted. Devices that inexplicably go offline or run out of battery 3 months into a 3-year contract are one of the big reasons IoT as a market isn’t where it should be.

We want to be your trusted go-to partner for anything needing location technology. We know that will only be the case if you can count on our tech at least 99.95% of the time.

Pricing & Terms that make sense

We build and maintain everything in house, so we are free to adjust pricing models to match your business needs. We charge for the value we create, not for “what we can get away with”. If you want to use our built-in cellular modems for transferring diagnostic data when they are not being used for tracking, we will just pass through the connectivity costs rather than forcing you to upgrade to a higher subscription plan.

If you need to run part of our stack in your own cloud, we’re open to it.

Modern APIs that make sense

We try, as best we can, to bring modern API architecture to hardware. OpenAPI standard for all our cloud based services is a starting point but we also provide hardware level APIs (UART, UDP or BLE) to ensure you can integrate at whichever level you need to.

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