High Value Mobile Asset Tracking GPS Tracker
High Value Mobile Asset Tracking GPS Tracker

High Value Mobile Asset Tracking

GPS trackers you can count on

Manage & monitor your inventory easily from anywhere

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At Lightbug, we serve other businesses looking to extract value from location data. Our systems are designed to allow positioning of pretty much anything with maximum convenience.

Equipment and Facilities Managers, Asset Managers and conference coordinators turn to us when they need to track company equipment that often goes missing or is hard to manage. This could include high value demo equipment that travels to events around the world or high cost portable equipment that is shared between multiple users. Our customers appreciate the simplicity of our solution (including during international use), generally finding that the Lightbug software tools work out the box with no bespoke integration or training required.

Organisations that have used Lightbug for this purpose

Continental HP NHS EasyJet

Why use GPS Tracking

Managing any number of assets within a business can be challenging. We often see a need for GPS Trackers to both reduce loss and increase utilization. Tracking can do this by helping solve the following problems:

  1. No foolproof way of knowing where everything is: Implementing comprehensive processes and ensuring they are followed 100% of the time is often infeasible or impractical

  2. Loss & Theft in large organizations and systems: it is often difficult to find out where and when items are going missing

  3. Having to purchase excess equipment to ensure that staff or customers always have access to the proper tools.

  4. Insufficient data to identify possible optimisations: knowing on average how long each journey takes, the time spent in any given location or how often a device is returned to HQ could help in any number of ways, but the data is unavailable without tracking

What Lightbug can offer

We have a range of trackers to tag essentially any asset and an easy-to-use software interface for monitoring and managing them. Everything we offer is fully integrated and we aim to be a “one-stop-shop” for all your asset tracking needs.

There is a hardware fee plus a recurring “data” fee (can be prepaid), with discounts available based on volume. With 10 or 10,000 devices, you and your team will be able to login from your phones and PCs to get an instant overview of your fleet. There are no “per user” fees.

Assets can be tagged to help with management and searching (for example EquipmentType = Lidar, AssignedRep = John). You can click on a location and view a list of all devices currently located within a 500m radius. Select two zones and you can analyze the trips between them. Reports are intuitive and can be emailed to you on a regular basis, so you can further automate many of the recurring tasks.

Read only users can be given access to a select number of devices, for example to help a team memberĀ  locate all the items they need for an upcoming event saving valuable time.

What makes us different

  • Pain-free support: we do everything, it means you can come to us and say “it’s not working” and we’ll be able to resolve your issue rapidly. No pointing fingers at the hardware vendor or saying your software needs an update, we’ll just help you get it sorted. We are able to suggest optimal configurations based on your use case and generally ensure you get the most out of the system from day 1.

  • 3 year warranty on all devices as standard. Everything we make is built in house in our Bristol (UK) factory. This has benefits for support as mentioned above, but it means we can have absolute confidence in the services we sell and you don’t need to worry about swapping out trackers.

  • Global operation with no fuss. Devices can connect in 160 countries as standard, and will automatically resolve network issues without draining the battery.

  • High ROI. since we’re offering an end-to-end solution, you’re only paying for one supplier’s overheads. Our all inclusive low monthly fees very quickly make us the cheapest option after just 1 or 2 years of usage and the time savings our solution offers rapidly increases the value calculation

  • Long Battery Life. Typically you can expect a battery life of 6 months to 3 years from our devices when used for monitoring assets that are often stationary.

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