Vehicle Fleet GPS Tracker GPS Tracker
Vehicle Fleet GPS Tracker GPS Tracker

Vehicle Fleet GPS Tracker

GPS tracker for cars, trucks and vans

Track, monitor and recover your vehicles

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  • bolt 5-100V Power Input
  • power Ignition detection
  • summarize Powerful Reporting
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Straightforward installation

Connect the red and black wires to pretty much any power source and you’re good to go. Add the yellow wire for ignition sensing if you need it.

No OBDII link to mess up the vehicle’s systems. A backup battery so you dont need to worry about battery disconnections. Just plug and go

Track motorbikes, ebike, boats and more

Support for 5 to 100V DC input means we accommodate almost any type of “powered asset”. Our trackers have overvoltage & reverse voltage protection up to 200V.

Intuitive tracking portal

Whilst we do offer complimentary training, most users turn it down. Our software and apps are so intuitive that you’ll be up and running in 15 minutes. Half an hour and you’ll have reports delivered to your inbox every morning at 9am automatically, with alerts sent to you every time your asset needs a service.

External sensor galore

Temperature, humidity, pressure, vehicle load, angle of lift, light detection, magnetic door detection and more. All of our devices are bluetooth enabled and can connect to up to 16 external sensors at a time.

  • Monitor temperature and humidity of a refrigerated unit at the front, middle & back with one tracker
  • Detect who is driving using bluetooth keycards
  • Detect the presence of specific trailers with bluetooth tags
  • Know which packages are being transported (if they are bluetooth tagged)
Tablet showing control panel for many devices
Control panel showing all devices searchable Control panel showing all devices searching step 1 Control panel showing all devices searching step 2 Control Panel showing trail of locations Control panel showing available reports Route Report example Set up alerts example Setting up Working hours Sensor view with graphs Geofence setup example step 1 Geofence setup example step 2 Geofence setup example step 3 Geofence setup example step 4 Geofence setup example step 5 Geofence setup example step 6 Geofence setup example step 7 Geofence setup example step 8

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